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Thanks guys I NEVER thought BillmaZter's Friends: MaZters of Our Time would grow to be so HUGE! Thank you for all the OUTSTANDING contributions!!!

BillmaZter's Friends Has Been Re-released so that one can download and enjoy one archive at a time without needing all the rest!,t9arct3ntem9a6j,owp11efpv1hzpbo,pzekozlpbllwthl,jokg34ascvgwq9s,2n9p116ntqyy7p9


PLEASE ENJOY AND HELP SEED!!! Version 1.2 Has Two Brand New Tracks A NEW Ending. Also One of the songs by Silk Dress Loli$ had to be re-encoded. ALL TRACKS ARE PROPERLY TAGGED NOW AND MP3 NON Rared VERSION ENJOY AND SEED!!! =D ^_^
And Always for all the latest and greatest underground RELEASES!!! =D

BillmaZter's Friends: MaZters of Our Time BONUS ALBUM:

Releases By Artists Alphabetically:
"astralwanderung" Released 12/12/2012
"NEW WORLD" 12/21/2012

The Mole & Station
"Remix Pack"

[BillmaZter RecordZ] Mole & Station - Mutual Assured Destruction

PK Battle Toads

Lemont Pierce - Vileplume Hammers